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Full Pneumatic Vertical Liquid and Paste Filling Machine 50-300ML

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KOS-011is widely used water-based to cream of various viscosity products, suitable for cosmetic, medicine, food, pesticides and other industries

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Our company production of semi-automatic piston type filling machine (pure pneumatic)
suitable for water-based to cream of various viscosity products, suitable for cosmetic, medicine,
food, pesticides and other industries. Semi-automatic piston type filling machine (pure pneumatic)
all adopt pneumatic components, therefore particularly suitable for explosion-proof requirements
or humid environments. Our semi-automatic filling machine series all pwetted parts are
adopted imported 304 stainless steel material or 316 stainless steel, errosion-resisting.
1.This machine is driven by compressed air control, therefore particularly suitable for explosion-proof
requirements and damp environment use, high security.
2. Applicable to the liquid, oil, emulsion, paste shape material filling quantitative
3. According to the requirements of filling, adjustable workbench face lifting
4. All made of compressed air as a control, so is particularly well adapted for use in the environment
of the explosion-proof requirement, with high safety, due to the pneumatic control, and uses the hard
orientation, so the filling of high precision, precision can be controlled within the plus or minus 1%
(based on the biggest filling quantity ).
Technical parameters:
Model  Kos20 Kos100  Kos250 kos300 kos500   kos1000  Kos2000
Filling range
5-20  10-100  20-250  50-300  100-500  200-1000 500-2000
Filling speed
30  30  30  30  30 20 20
Filling accuracy ±1%  ±1%  ±1%  ±1%  ±1%  ±1%  ±1% 
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  1. high quality review by Lawrence on 9/21/2016

    We factory bought this machine half years ago and now still brand new, which can emulsify milk rapidly, Highly recommend!

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